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How To Build Your Dream Team And Hyper-Systemise Your Company

I Help Businesses To Build Teams And

Hyper-Systemise Their Workflow ✌💯

Hi, I'm Jamie Stenhouse.

I'm a stuttering high school dropout and I've generated customers online as a marketer for over 11 years. Travelled over 40 countries and every single year I step away from my companies for 3 months while my team sells and scales.

I've sold 2 of my businesses and my other business has generated customers in over 150 different industries during the last 6 years. My team operates with hyper systemization and a team of 17 who are based in UK, USA, America, Canada, Australia and the Philippines.

Why should you care? Well, I've helped hundreds of others service businesses, experienced founders, online brands and new start-ups to achieve the same with extreme predictability. Here's how.

"Within 5 days, we closed a deal and recouped the investment"

"Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time for being able to do this, this was monumental"

"He'll give you advice on what's best. He's a Magician. I've with Jamie for over a year now"

"Helped me map out the full strategy and put all the pieces of the puzzle together"

"Jamie Stenhouse is, THE MENTOR"

"It's truly amazing, the workflow is so much easier for my clients"

"I come into the program burnt out.....I now know how to hire, train and manage a team!

"I was at 10k p/m working 70-80 hour weeks, now I'm at 30k p/m recurring where I don't need to do the work"

"Helping me to create better processes and getting a lot of help with the outreach"

"Clarity and confidence and he helped me to get focus on what I need to focus on"

"He comes up with really simple solutions to complex problems"

"The level of training he provides

is absolutely insane"

"He's full of value, he will help you"

"Jamie helped me to maximise my time and helped me to create a productise service with greater margins"

"Gives you the foundation to build a business that's going to stand the test of time, scale and can be sold"

"The workload for our agency has increased but my actual time investment in the business has decreased"

"Helping me to understand how I should

be systesming"

"For teaching me everything I know - Make the opportunity to be able to work with him"

"Working with Jamie for over 2 years. I Couldn't be where I am today without Jamie"

"He is so genuine and authentic. He pushes my limits in the sense of going towards my goals"

"To get to a place where I couldn't take it on my own. It helps us to think in different ways"

"His expertise in the knowledge is so incredible"

"Fantastic experience! Step by step approach to building and scaling your business"

"Jam packed with value if you're struggling to get clients and systemizing"

Free case study reveals...

10 Steps To Build Agency Systems With A Team As A Digital Marketer