How To Build Your Dream Team

And Hyper Systemize Your Business

Dream Team Intensive™

Get clarity and laser focus to organise your life and your business

Productize your services based on pure mathematics and systems

Learn the life skill of outsourcing, management, communication and quality control

Build an Outreach Team to automate client acquisition with 400 points daily of contact

Automate service delivery by building an entire production line of workflow

Create 'set & forget' processes and protocols that scale your business for you

Build & manage a lean team from anywhere in the world

What is it?

Dream Team Intensive is a 7-week online program with support, live "working" calls and a community of successful entrepreneurs. The program shows you how to scale using systems.

Who is it for?

Dream Team Intensive is for people who want to turn their business into a production line machine by building predictable systems, automation and a lean team to do the work.

Where does it happen?

The program is online and consists of training videos, tools, templates, mentoring calls and a collective learning community. You complete it online, in your own time with our help.

How does it work?

You watch the videos, complete the action items, use the provided tools, templates and fill in the blanks to build systems. Ask questions in the community or on the live calls, follow the process, ask for help and you'll get results.

Why does it exist?

We created the Dream Team Intensive because most entrepreneurs are clueless when it comes to scaling, hiring/managing a team and making things predictable, consistent and systemized.

Why is the success rate so high?

This program was born from real world systems and processes that are being used to build, scale and sell multiple companies. Literally hundreds of entrepreneurs have used this program to do the exact same and achieve results.

Here's Why It Works

Proven Process To Create Winners:

We turned the guesswork of building systems and forming a dream team into a predictable science. Follow practical step-by-step instructions that are proven to work and track your progress using easy to read metrics.

Mental Reprogramming To Change Your Life:

We invented a new way to think about business and view the world we live in. Discover your blind spots, habits, and behavior patterns that are weighing your business down. Reprogram your brain for high performance and reap the rewards for decades to come.

A System To Optimize Your Life:

Our program takes the most unorganised entrepreneur and turns them into a machine built of self-discipline systems without the intensity of working long hours. Instead we focus on optimising, delegating, emptying your mind of excessive noise and removing waste from your “to-do” list.

Entrepreneur Community of Problem Solvers:

It's hard to change your life if you're surrounded by the same people. Inside this program you'll be joining active community of entrepreneurs and problem solvers where you can collaborate, get help, trade systems together, make friends and enjoy the journey.

Daily Expert Mentorship Without Judgement:

No matter how good the program is, you'll always have questions. We are here to provide you with 24/7 access to experts in our collective community group, weekly livestream Q&A's and email. There is no such thing as a dumb question and there is zero judgment.

Real World Templates, Examples, Scripts & Jod Ads:

This program has been built from real world results with constant feedback from our clients. You will be building your business with the largest and best collection of 'fill in the blank' templates to systemise your workflow and hire your Dream Team.

Dream Team Intensive Program Outline

In just 7 weeks, we'll help you to build your Dream Team and systemise your entire workflow

so that your business becomes a "cash-cow-asset" that runs without you.

Week 1 - Begin With The End In Mind

Week one lays the foundation for your future success. Complete everything in this weeks module and your success is assured. This week contains a full overview of the program and the core parts we focus on to get results.

Here's what we cover:

1.1 Foundations

-- Getting Support

-- Ownership

-- $3,000 p/m to $110,000 p/m

-- The Blind and Entitled Expert

-- The Road Ahead

-- The Only 3 Things That Matter

1.2 Switching To The New Model

-- The 3 Machines

-- New model of marketing agencies

-- Introduction into production lines

-- Building to "sell"

-- Systems VS People

-- The 2 core functions we're building

1.3 Systems Principles

-- Systems Thinking 101

-- System Principles

-- Easy Base dThinking

-- Clearing The Path

-- Hacking Time And Focus

1.4 Productised Offering

-- The Productised Truth

-- Productised Offering + Service Matrix exercise

-- The Productised Power Of One

-- One-Size Fits All Mistake

1.5 The Enemy Within

-- Your untapped potential

-- The Enemy That Never Sleeps

-- Approaching the finish line

-- Knowing when you're in danger

-- Here's how to win

Week 2 - Concentrate Like A Roman

In week two we teach you a new paradigm of how to optimise yourself first followed by your business. The growth of any business is limited by the person at the helm. How optimised said person is has a direct effect on how optimised the systems are which drive the team. This part of the program will change how you work forever.

Here's what we cover:

2.1 - Optimise Yourself

-- The Secret Of Throughput

-- Setting your winning conditions

-- Willpower, Decisions And Distractions

-- Batching, Scheduling, Failsafe's And Triggers

-- Recovering your time

-- Automatic memory

2.2 - Optimise Your Business

-- Business throughput

-- Implementing the "rule of twice"

-- Days by design

-- Emptying the genius mind

-- Capturing Ideas

-- Crafting Client Boundaries

-- Setting Task Boundaries

-- Designing your Compass Of Skills

2.3 - God Like Focus

-- The Multiplier Effect

-- Batching, Scheduling, Failsafe's And Triggers

-- Your new toolkit for focus

-- Building a routine to grow your company

-- Limiting Inputs

Week 3 - New Era Of Outreach

In week three we cover a new way to approach and generate sales calls for your business. This new way of generating sales calls allows us to get an unlimited amount of bookings per day, without using advertising and by using minimal content creation. This part of the program will change how you grow your company and it will put you back in control of your financial future.

Here's what we cover:

3.1 Next Level Prospecting

--- Current state of outreach

-- The Outreach Process

-- The Sales Process

-- Evolution stages of outreach

-- Building promotional nets

-- The Invisible Pitch

3.2 Pipeline Systems

-- Building the ultimate pipeline

-- The pipeline tools

-- Building the pipeline

-- Testing the pipeline

-- Using the pipeline

3.3 Building Your Battle Map

-- 'Boundary Based' Outreach

-- Understanding Our Battle Map Systems

-- The Battle Standards

3.4 Going To Battle

-- Value Based Sales Calls

-- Cocktail Messages To Calls

-- Firing up the Weapon Modules

-- Routine To Grow Your Company

-- Tracking The Horizon

-- Getting Into The Trenches

Week 4 - Engineering The Ultimate Business

In week four we begin to build the Ultimate Business to prepare our company to take on new team members. We create your Ecosystem which will be used to house your processes and systems for both the outreach team and the client delivery team. Along with building out a flawless team onboarding system that will shortcut the learning curve for your team in the future. This part of the training sets the foundations of how our business is going to operate without us.

Here's what we cover:

4.1 The Ecosystem

-- What is a Business Ecosystem

-- Why build it now, why at all?

-- Rules of the perfect ecosystem

-- Housing your ecosystem

4.2 Setting Initial Conditions

-- Setting value and culture

-- Day one and capturing energy

-- Tools for cloning

4.3 Evergreen Onboarding

-- Overview: The Evergreen Team Onboarding System

-- Creating The Evergreen Team Onboarding System

-- Day one process for new hires

Week 5 - Perpetual Outreach Machine

In week five we start to build our Outreach Systems and processes using multiple system templates we have designed for you. These system templates will allow you to build your entire Outreach Battle Map Systems in a single day. You'll then post a job ad to attract your outreach team, screen for the best applicants and onboard them using the training we created in week 4 together.

Here's what we cover:

5.1 Process, Process, Process

--- Process principles

-- The Perfect Process Method

-- Process Library

5.2 Systems By Design

-- Preparing To Build

-- Building V1 Of The Battle Map System Processes

5.3 Hiring Your Outreach Team

-- Full Time VS Contractors

-- Paying Your Team

-- Running Your Business At 30%

-- Maximum Fixed Costs

-- Attracting Your Outreach Talent

-- Launching Your Job ad

5.4 Screening Applicants

-- Credentials and Team Trust

-- The Screening Process

-- Live Screening Demo

-- Hiring Protocol For Outreach Teams

5.5 Your New Outreach Routine

-- Our New Routine

-- Our Current Routine

-- Adding New Weapon Modules

-- Reaching Your Sales Goals

-- Scaling The Battle Map System

-- Improving your Outreach Team Systems

Week 6 - Building Your Production Line

In week six we build your Production Line. We address client bottlenecks and how to solve for them using the same systems and process ideas you learned in the previous modules. You'll build an automatic client onboarding system and begin to automate the mundane tasks from your company. This week will be a massive shift in your life and in your company. You will begin to slot all the cogs together and witness the moving parts in your company operate together without your input. Week 6 will bring you to the the tipping point of building a well oiled machine like business.

Here's what we cover:

6.1 Client Delivery Principles

-- Foundational System Drills

-- 2 Teams, 2 Systems

-- Triple Flywheel Effect

-- Managing a Virtual Team

6.2 Client Onboarding Systems

-- The Biggest Bottle Neck

-- One Touch Onboarding

6.3 Client Delivery Systems

-- Hiring From The Tools Back

-- Prioritizing processes

-- Building Systems

-- Improving Systems

6.4 Production Line Setup

-- Managing Your Teams Schedule

-- Chain Effect Systems + Looping Systems

-- Production Line By Design

Week 7 - Assembling Your Dream Team

In week 7 of the Dream Team Intensive we begin to drop team members into certain points along our production line to witness the cause and effect of the systems we've built. You'll witness clients come in, be onboarded and work be delivered at a higher speed with greater results all the meanwhile without you touching a single task. These lessons here allow you to fill your company with people to drive the systems. As always we want to build our company on systems, not on people.

Here's what we cover:

7.1 Creating Team Foundations

-- A Player VS Systems

-- Hiring Your Dream Team

-- Cutting Dead Weight

-- Onboarding New Hires

7.2 Building Your Client Delivery Team

-- The Right Time To Hire

-- Job Ad Template Library

-- Creating Your Job Ad

-- Credentials and Team Trust

-- Screening The Talent

-- LIVE Screening Process

-- Simple Checklist for Hiring

7.3 Leading To Win VS Leading To Not Lose

-- ‘Navy Seal Principles' For Agency Level Duties

-- Commutation Tactics To Generate Wins

-- Building Company Culture

-- Daily Management Routine To Scale Your Business

Learn the way that best suits you

Learn anytime, anywhere and whatever way you like with multiple training formats. Included within The Dream Team Intensive is our online program portal, dynamic social group, live interaction and simulated material.

Online e-learning platform

Watch training videos in stunning 1080p HD on any device anywhere in the world. Listen to the mp3 recordings while driving or on the go to reinforce the learnings. Read the compressed presentation slides to implement the fast action steps.

Interactive Entrepreneur Community

Join an energetic community of fellow business owners and company leaders who actually get it. This path can be lonely when you're surrounded by "normal people" who are not aiming for high goals. You'll be inspired, you'll be able to learn from others questions and more importantly, you'll actually enjoy this journey of change.

Expert Mentorship On Demand

Whenever you need it, you'll be able to receive personalized mentorship from experts who can troubleshoot problems within your business and provide direction. There are weekly mentorship calls that are recorded and 24/7/365 support.

Think Less, Build More

With an entire process that has been engineered for change, our program makes it virtually impossible to not succeed. With an entire library of "plug and run" templates you'll be delegating, outsourcing and building reliable systems that clone you within your business right away.

Outsourcing Life Skills That Transcend Sectors

Master the life skill of hiring, outsourcing everything and managing a team from UK, Philippines, USA, Australia, Canada and Europe. This valuable life skill will transcend sectors and allow you to build, run and own teams for your current business plus that of any future projects you build or become a part of.

Here's a summary of everything you get

This is not your typical "program" - we provide you with everything you need to be successful.

Dream Team Intensive™

Get clarity and laser focus to organise your life and your business

Productize your services based on pure mathematics and systems

Learn the life skill of outsourcing, management, assigning, communication and quality control

Build an Outreach Team to automate client acquisition with 400 points daily of contact

Automate service delivery by building an entire production line of workflow

Create 'set & forget' systems that scale your business for you

Build & manage a lean team from anywhere in the world

Here's what our students are saying

Our students aren't just satisfied, they have successful businesses while,

working less, earning more and enjoying life.

"Within 5 days, we closed a deal and recouped the investment"

"Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time for being able to do this, this was monumental"

"He'll give you advice on what's best. He's a Magician. I've with Jamie for over a year now"

"Helped me map out the full strategy and put all the pieces of the puzzle together"

"Jamie Stenhouse is, THE MENTOR"

"It's truly amazing, the workflow is so much easier for my clients"

"I come into the program burnt out.....I now know how to hire, train and manage a team!

"I was at 10k p/m working 70-80 hour weeks, now I'm at 30k p/m recurring where I don't need to do the work"

"Helping me to create better processes and getting a lot of help with the outreach"

"Clarity and confidence and he helped me to get focus on what I need to focus on"

"He comes up with really simple solutions to complex problems"

"The level of training he provides

is absolutely insane"

"He's full of value, he will help you"

"Jamie helped me to maximise my time and helped me to create a productise service with greater margins"

"Gives you the foundation to build a business that's going to stand the test of time, scale and can be sold"

"The workload for our agency has increased but my actual time investment in the business has decreased"

"Helping me to understand how I should

be systesming"

"For teaching me everything I know - Make the opportunity to be able to work with him"

"Working with Jamie for over 2 years. I Couldn't be where I am today without Jamie"

"He is so genuine and authentic. He pushes my limits in the sense of going towards my goals"

"To get to a place where I couldn't take it on my own. It helps us to think in different ways"

"His expertise in the knowledge is so incredible"

"Fantastic experience! Step by step approach to building and scaling your business"

"Jam packed with value if you're struggling to get clients and systemizing"

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