"I can see for that the more people we hired, the faster our revenue grew." - Jamie Stenhouse

I Started Outsourcing ALL My Client Work, What Happened Next Scared Me.

If you’re a digital marketer, if it be for your own services or that of your clients, the thought of outsourcing all of your client work / tasks can be daunting.

You’ve always been at the helm and the control of the marketing efforts. No one knows your business as well as you do. Your clients prefer to talk to you. And surely no one from another country can deliver quality, at least no one you can trust….right?

(HINT: This video shares how to find trustworthy freelancers and contractors)

Well what if you could outsource all of your marketing efforts and your client work? What happens?

Between the years of 2009 and 2013 when I was a “one-man-band” I never thought I would

a) Have a team who could capacity provide the same marketing solutions that I did

b) Be able to manage them from my computer, mobile phone, or watch (thank you samsung smart watch)

However when I look at my earnings report for each year after 2013 here’s what we can see.

I can see for that the more people we hired, the faster our revenue grew. I know this sounds like common sense and isn’t rocket science however at the time, I would have never thought that the path to exploding our sales would be to spend more on training and talent and then have myself “work less”.

If this sounds like a pipedream to you, I’ve got great news, it’s not.

I’ve put together a case study that goes over my 10 steps to building a virtual team which you can watch by clicking here: https://www.jamiestenhouse.com/letstalk

Here is what happened that shocked me when I began doing less client work and outsourcing all of it,

A LOT more sales.

This is the first thing that will happen when you begin to outsource the most heavy duty tasks to your team you will generate more sales as a direct cause and effect.

When you hire your first 1 or 3 people, you will finally be off the “tools” and the daily grind of client work.

What should you do with your new found time?…Go drum up some more business or work on your own marketing efforts.

To which, that will drive more sales to hire more people to your team to further free up additional time from your plate. From there, it really is a self fulfilling upward spiral that picks up speed once you simply commit and begin.

Gives you room for error.

Now while I never like giving room for error or allowing it. Having a team gives you that freedom.

Both personally and professionally. For example, if I’ve worked way to long on a marketing campaign for myself and I feel like taking a day off. I can.

I can choose to sleep in and that error in sleeping in, can be picked up by my team who will carry my weight for that day. On the professional side, having more than 1 person on each project means that if someone makes a mistake, I can almost guarantee that someone else will spot it due to who we’ve created our systems and processes. Here’s a video on how I build my systems and processes to allow this.

Work got done, quicker

I was more present with clients both during the strategy and the occasional client fires because I knew, whatever my clients needed I was able to off load it to a team.

A team that kept working 24 hours a day because of how I hired for the same position across different time zones.

This allowed me to work on the sales and client strategies while the team did everything else, to the point where my team can now complete any task much quicker than I would have ever hoped.

Uncover new opportunities

While I'm never an endorser of chasing new opportunities just because they arise.

I was able to build an entirely separate software company that is detached from my agency because I had the team who could run my agency while I was working on my new venture.

So if you’re a creative marketer you need to be LESS creative in your business grunt work and let your team that that over for you.

When you do, you’re going to have the energy and the capacity to take on entirely new projects or build out an entirely new business using an entirely new team that also runs on its own.

This is not a pipe dream by any means, it is something I’ve worked on and have successfully completed. I even filmed a video explaining the step by step process here.

Find pitfalls in your ideas

When you build a virtual team around your ideas or your clients projects it quickly forces you to find pitfalls in what you thought was a perfect plan.

I can not stress enough how valuable this is to gain a bird’s eye view on your projects your clients and your ideas by having an entirely separate human being or team of human beings reviewing and executing your orders.

They will also help you to “shortcut” certain tasks with new methods of thinking and quicker solutions or workarounds.

You may be asking, “Why the hell did this all scare you Jamie?”

It scared me because of how BASIC all of this is. Now lets not get the basic confused with the easy. Just because something is basic doesn’t mean it is easy.

And because it was basic, it scared me. Scared me in the sense because I wished I began outsourcing “before I was ready”. I wish I just started right away instead of waiting until I had the “perfect” product / website / client / funnel / insert excuse here.

If I could turn back time I would begin to outsource as soon as I hit my second or third client back in 2008 / 2009. I would take the exact steps outlined in this video here and begin scaling my ideas instantly instead of delaying them and waiting until the timing is right and the moons align.

It’s because of this fear that I wish I had started early that I filmed a follow up video to this article which you can download for free here at: https://www.jamiestenhouse.com/letstalk

Jamie Stenhouse

Founder at Production Line Agency

Jamie Stenhouse

Starting in 2009, his early success as an online marketer led him to generate customers online in over 150+ different industries around the world for his clients.

After running and selling multiple agencies and companies, he is now the creator of the "Dream Team Intensive" – A unique methodology that help digital marketers to productise their agency through systems and teams.

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