"Every marketer is also pinned with the challenge of the chicken and the egg. They need a team to take over their work so that they can drive more sales but they need more sales to be able to afford a team to take over the work." - Jamie Stenhouse

The Truth About Building A Virtual Team

Regardless of which industry you’re in or the product you're selling to a set segment of the marketplace I believe that every marketer and even dare I say, every business needs to focus on building an outsourcing team in the coming months.

The benefits are clear.

Lower overheads with streamlined projects and in most cases, highly quality of work - If you manage your virtual team correctly.

There is an unspoken truth about building a virtual team as a digital marketer which only the top tier marketers discuss with each other. Finding talent.

The topic of finding overseas talent can be a deep rabbit hole to fall down. We are bombarded from authors, CEOs and speaking who sing praise to the fact they have hired nothing but "A-players" and it changed their company.

This topic of A Players naturally brings up 2 challengers for most marketers who are currently stuck in their business as a one man band.

  1. Where the hell; do you find A-Players
  2. How the hell am I supposed to afford them?

Don't get me wrong. I'm a marketer as well. I know that in most cases the profit margins on our work can be quite healthy however that doesn’t mean that we’re going to go out and possibly make our lives harder by hiring an expensive $85usd p/h contactor to work on our next client project for us. Nor should we.

At some stage, in every marketer’s career they should be open to hiring A players.

A players are the best, that's why their A Players, I have nothing against them however in some cases, A-Players can take a bit of time to see a return on investment from and can sometimes bring a vibe of entitlement to your business because they know they’re the best so they expect to be treated as such. The problem is that every marketer wants to do good for their clients (hopefully).

Every marketer is also pinned with the challenge of the chicken and the egg. They need a team to take over their work so that they can drive more sales but they need more sales to be able to afford a team to take over the work.

So what is a fellow marketer to do?

The truth is, I avoid A Players like the plague. Like, the plague. I know, this goes against everything that we've ever been told as entrepreneurs in every business book every and I agree.

I would have never thought that hiring "lower performing" virtual team members would have been the short cut to my agencies growth and now my software companies growth.

Here's how it works and here’s the truth.

You want to build your business as a marketer like a production line.

A production line of moving parts, systems and processes that are repeatable by anyone with the ability to speed up the production line or slow it down.

If you build a production line you do not need A players, in fact in most cases they can break a production line but trying to be too creative.

When you build a production line style business where a client comes in, is onboarded, and their work is started without you (the owner and marketer) needing to do anything - Then you can hire anyone to fill certain roles on the production line.

Anybody - Assuming they have the skillset, not the talent.

See I have never built any of my companies over the last 10 years on "people".

I've built them on systems and processes. Therefore I avoid A players. And when you build your business on systems and processes rather than people, it means that you're now no longer dependent on people - You dependent on the systems and processes that you've created within the business.

The goal is to turn someone who costs you $8usd into someone who rivals a fresh A-Player with the use of systems and processes.

In other words, your systems and processes should be able to take anyone from any country and turn them into an A Player for your business using the framework you've provided them.

Do not rely on people. People will leave you, grow tired, get bored, try to be creative and take shortcuts. Instead rely on systems and processes. This makes your team happier as they can keep focuses and trust in the systems you’ve created. Your business with work faster with a more consistent output of work than anybody else in your nice.

Begin thinking of your business as a production line and every step of the process needs a person to carry out a single activity and carry it out well. When you have a single person try and do everything, they are bound to screw up.

On the other hand, if you have a single person only complete 1 step, maybe a maximum of 5 simple steps along the production line, I guarantee that you'll a highly quality output in a shorter timeframe.

Instead most marketers think they need to hire A Players or someone who has talent that can "simply take care of all the problems", when in reality, it is us, the marketers who should be clearing the path and solving the problems for our team and our production line to just run full speed ahead. 

Jamie Stenhouse

Founder at Production Line Agency

Jamie Stenhouse

Starting in 2009, his early success as an online marketer led him to generate customers online in over 150+ different industries around the world for his clients.

After running and selling multiple agencies and companies, he is now the creator of the "Dream Team Intensive" – A unique methodology that help digital marketers to productise their agency through systems and teams.

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