"Would you feel confident that your customers are receiving the great service you promised without you getting involved for the entire 90 days? This is a good thought exercise to conduct if you want to gain control of your business again."

Business Owners ... Determination And Hard Work Are Not Enough!

Our goal as business owners should be: “Make yourself the least most important person in your business.”

Sure, we may not start with that goal as a founder; however, it very quickly becomes a horizon that many business owners chase endlessly into an exhausted and overworked grave.

The constant goal of working ON the business – rather than being stuck IN IT – always seems to be out of reach.

It all starts with you; and unfortunately, you are the bottleneck.

Emails get answered as fast as you can type them. New customers get signed up when you start or end the deal cycle. Corrections only get made when you spot the problems yourself. The quality of your business output depends solely on how much energy you have that day – and your business can only grow as large as your physical and mental capacity is. 😔

If you were to step away from your business for 90 days – away from your customers, your tools, and your team, everything – what would happen?

Would you feel confident that your customers are receiving the great service you promised without you getting involved for the entire 90 days? This is a good thought exercise to conduct if you want to gain control of your business again.

Hard work and determination are no longer enough. We work harder, and we work smarter – but the issue is, we are still “working” inside the business.

The business needs us and the team needs us, with a never-ending list of tasks to keep us busy rather than to set us free.

Part of the problem is that we have become so wrapped up in the business that we have forgotten that it is a separate entity from us. We should be treating it as a self-sustaining entity powered by an effective set of production-line systems rather than just our sheer determination and energy.

How do we make ourselves the least most important person in our business? How do we replace ourselves and clone the best team members within our business and scale it so it runs and looks after itself?

If our business is reliant on A-Players, it will crumble when they leave, or they reach capacity, or they demand higher pay, or they get headhunted.

An A-Player is not scalable. Hiring one – or, even worse, multiple – is going to cause you to be chained by the golden handcuffs. A-Players allow the business to grow extremely quickly and usually haphazardly, with people doing their jobs how they see fit rather than following a production-line process designed for scale.

A-Players are great, sure; however, they are not what we need – first, we need control and predictability. Therefore, A-Players are not the secret to scaling – SYSTEMS and PROCESSES are.

However, most business owners think that a checklist, a document, or a screen recording is a system.

A system should achieve 3 goals

- Remove room for assumption.

- Remove room for interpretation.

- Solve the problem before the team encounters it.

If we meet these 3 line items, the business becomes predictable at every level.

Here’s a simple question to discover if your business systems are up to scratch.

When a team member goes through a process that you’ve built, do they have a question? If yes, then your process needs improvement.

A process should solve the problem before the team encounters it. A process should result in correct work without any questions, not because we don’t want to answer the question but because everything has been addressed inside the process.

How do we achieve this?

With quality control triggers, delivery processes, and fail-safe protocols to check the fulfillment. If you do NOT have those systems built (or if you don’t know what they are), all you have is blind reliance and chance, and this is not a great foundation for business owners wanting to scale and remove themselves from the day-to-day operations.

A-Players cannot be cloned.

And we, the business owner, cannot be in all places at all times if we hope to actually build a business that thrives without us.

When you have systems like these built, you can use that free time to spend with family and friends, with work that’s done right the first time around, and with customers singing praises for your business and referring everybody in their network to you.🥰

(Plus, you will feel confident taking on all those referrals because you know your team can handle it.)

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Jamie Stenhouse

Jamie Stenhouse

Jamie Stenhouse is an internationally renowned consultant exclusively serving fellow business owners.

After running and selling multiple businesses, he is now the creator of the "Dream Team Intensive" – a unique methodology that helps owners to hyper-systemise their business and build their Dream Team.

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