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"How does it work" questions:

Is this Online Course a Done-For-You or Done-With-You Program?

It is a hybrid. We’ve found that having a nonlinear program that acts as a toolbox + a community + having the hands-on working calls act as the perfect changemaker.

You can work with us on the hands-on calls that happen twice a week, work with another business owner inside the community by sharing or swapping processes, or go at it on your own by using the “prebuilt, done for you” system frameworks and assets for you to plug right into right away to get results with minimal time, effort, and energy.

How does the guarantee work?

We offer an action-based, 100% guarantee for all clients if they participate in at least 6 Consulting Calls over the first 8 weeks, complete and show all action items from the following sections in the Consulting, Foundations, Optimisation, and Systems Building—within 60 days from the date of purchase. Clients who have taken these actions tend to achieve best results, so this practice aims to achieve the best possible outcome.

I’m not sure if we can dedicate our financial resources to this at this time. Can I get started later?

Cash flow is the oxygen to your business. We understand how finances work in business; however, if your business is not spitting out profits, then this is all the more reason you need to find the funds and work with us to correct your business systems. There’s no reason why you can’t afford NOT to dedicate your financial resources to this. If you need to, leverage OPM (Other People’s Money) and begin working with us.

If we both decide (on an application call) that the intensive is a good fit for your current situation and we believe that we can help you, there is no need to worry about the financial aspect—we can adjust the investment to suit your cashflow. The most important objective is that we generate you an ROI so it pays for itself ASAP.

Can I put my team through this program?

Of course, we suggest it. If you want to have your team optmise themeleves, develop their own processes or improve their existing workflow – we have the step by step training and templates to achieve that. The intensive is also great for team leads and managers, not just the owners. The more members of a business that are onboard with the intensive, the wider the effect will be felt. However it is not required to put your team through this program, generally the owner / owners and or in some cases certain team members who are impactful to the companies systems goals.

How much does it cost?

Since we offer a few different solutions and each client is unique, on our first call together we will specifically custom-tailor the best solution to help you reach your goals. That being said, working with us is not cheap—however, if you implement the program, follow our advice, and put in the work, the ROI is incredibly high. This can range from a cash return of hundreds of thousands of dollars to a million or more achieved through efficiency, optimization, prevention of problems, correct hiring and even selling your business.

Where can I hear from your clients?

You can hear from our clients by visiting our reviews page here. You will also hear from our clients and see their results by watching our short movie on this page here.

I need accountability to ensure I implement what needs to be done.

Our program has an extremely high implementation rate because of how short and action-oriented the program is. This will reduce the natural friction that can occur when joining a new program. Alongside the ease of the program, you will also be able to pair up with an accountability partner within the first week. We will provide you both with a schedule and the steps to hold each other accountable. This ensures that you are achieving and maintaining progress week after week inside the intensive. Finally, you will be held accountable each week through our hands-on calls that happen within the intensive.

I have trouble staying focused.

This is typically a symptom that you, your team, or the company needs to be re-optimised. This is why we address optimisation so early inside the program. This will address the issue of not staying focused and ensure that it's easy for you to make progress throughout the program once we begin to optimise the environment, your team, yourself, the processes, and the company. From there, you will naturally become more focused since we are removing a distraction through optimisation. This will also assist with creating an excess of time that can be used to reinvest into the program or into developing new systems or hiring new team members.

At what stage does my business have to be at?

We have successfully helped clients reach their business systems goals at all stages of their journey. We have clients inside the intensive with no staff, and others with a staff of over 200.

The principles do not change. The goal is to generate predictability through systems. The method of achieving that does not change from industry to industry and also does not change across small to large businesses. So if you're a one-person band or a multinational company, we would love to assist you in your systems and teams' journey.

How many hours per week are required to see results?

Success is not a “part-time” gig. The Clients who go all in and dedicate themselves to scaling their business, ask for our help, work with us on calls, get significantly better, faster results. That being said, we recommend a minimum of 4–6 hours per week for the first 2 to 3 weeks in order to begin generating results. Most clients who follow this advice see a change in the first 9 days, as you’ll see here.

Do I have to complete the whole program

Not at all. Complete what you need and leave the rest. The program is designed in a non liner fashion, more like a tool box. This is why we support the idea of companies and teams enrolling into the program, using parts of the toolbox and then working with us on the hands on calls to build any remaining systems. 

We also support the hungry business owner that wants to master their domain who studies and applies everything from every module to grow their business to multiple 6 figures per month

What will be the return on investment?

If you execute the program, most clients achieve a profitable return on their investment within the first 9 to 23 days.

How often will I be working with you?

You will be working with us as often as you’d like via our community of owners, in which you get 24/7 support, and on our 2x weekly Hands-On Calls where you can speak to and work with Jamie himself.

Who will I be working with?

You will be working directly with Jamie Stenhouse, the founder of, and our talented team to help you succeed at the highest levels. You will also have the opportunity to network, connect, and work with ah found clients to swap ideas and also trade processes if you choose.

I don’t have much experience, will this work for me?

Absolutely! Building systems, hiring, and management is a learnable skill, just like anything else. There is a specific methodology to building systems that you’ll learn throughout the program by implementing the steps and following our templates. If you ever get stuck or need our help, we are only a call away and will work with you until you feel comfortable. Our goal is to make ourselves irrelevant, and we achieve that through turning you into a systems and delegation master.

I need to close more sales before I can begin building systems.

The desire to close more sales is perfectly fine, as long as you have a plan of how to do this—a plan that allows you to predict how and when you’re going to close sales. We realised a lot of business owners do not have prospecting systems or a prospecting team and lack sales systems and a sales team. That is why we cover both of these aspects with prebuilt systems and training for both a prospecting team and sales team within the intensive. This allows you to join (if accepted) and begin working with us right away to generate an ROI from the quick launch campaign, which is designed to pay for itself as soon as you enrol.

How long have you been doing this for?

We have been operating the intensive since 2018 and have successfully worked with over 500 clients across 66 different industries. From there, our program has been updated usually every 90–120 days based on changes in the market, client feedback, and client success. This means that every process template and training lesson has been revised every few months to provide you with the best tools for success—nothing is outdated and nothing is left unknown.

How many clients do I need in order to benefit from working with you?

We usually suggest at least 3 to 4 clients to begin working with us. This provides us with a proof of concept in terms of the closing process, onboarding process, service process, and support process that you provide to your clients and customers. From there, we can begin developing and moulding the process around the direction you would like to take the company towards. The methods in this training are tested for companies with a minimum of 3-4 clients and upwards of over 2500 clients.

"What is included" questions:

I would like my team and/or my mangers to go through the program.

Your entire business will have access to the Dream Team Intensive for the duration of the program. We do suggest assigning several modules to team leads and managers where applicable.

What kind of system templates do you have?

Everything from sales, prospecting, service delivery, customer support and admin. We are always updating the system library templates throughout the year depending on what our clients need. You’ll also have complete access to our process frameworks that can be used to engineer any process and / or any system for any team member – no matter how complex or how much “training” is required. 

What do you teach besides system building?

The dream team intensive covers training for the business owner and their team in the domain of, Optimization, project management, hiring, team training, interewving, onboarding, security, prospecting, sales and team menegment.

What if I need something that is not included in the program?

You can reach out to Jamie personally and he will assist you. The program is often updated every 3 to 4 months; this typically includes additional templates, system documents, protocols, quality control triggers or anything else that our clients ask for. If you ask, we will deliver.

When is the right time to do a program like this?

We do understand that life gets in the way and people are very busy, especially those that have their own business. However, if we do not address the need for systems and processes, the matter is only going to get worse. The sooner you begin creating systems with our help, the sooner you will begin to generate an ROI on your time, to which you can then reinvest the excess time into creating even more systems and the cycle continues. Therefore, the right time to begin improving your future and the quality of your life and that of your team is always today.

Does it cost extra to have team members included inside the program?

Your business will have one account to access the program with. This account will be allowed to go through the training, partake In the community, and join the hands-on calls. If you would like an account for yourself as the owner and a second account for your team so that they can receive support for us personally, then a second account would need to be purchased at a 40% discount.

How can the intensive help me if my business is still a hobby or I am a freelancer?

If you have the desire to grow your project or your own one-man band, then the Dream Team Intensive can help you to prioritise your processes, organise who you should be hiring next, which direction to take your company towards, and ensure that you can spend the majority of your time working on what you do best while the processes and a small team handles everything else. The Dream Team Intensive will help your project grow and scale so that you have the cash flow, the capital, and the predictability in every aspect of the work you do that allows you to begin to construct a team around you that can support you in your own personal vision.

What can my team expect?

A better working environment. When your team have the systems and processes they need to get their work done, on time, and correctly. The environment becomes one they enjoy and look forward to working in. When a team is blamed, work is incorrect, and members are micromanaged, it begins to bring the entire company to a hault. So while this is a consulting program for the business owner, the benefit is felt through the entire management team and organazation

What else will I have to pay for besides the investment? What tools are needed?

Everything you need is included within the Dream Team Intensive; we have designed the program to avoid any extra costs if possible. With that being said, you will need a project management system, which we will assist you in selecting, setting up, and onboarding your team into. This can range from $49–$99 p/m. Additionally, there are several other documenting tools, which in total range between $49 and $200 as a one-time fee. Everything else is not necessary.

I don’t have time!

This is one of the largest concerns with new clients as they begin on this journey. However, the Dream Team Intensive is designed to be as effortless as possible, requiring only four to six hours of your time in the first two weeks—at which point you will be working with us to generate an excess ROI on your time through Optimisation and Systemisation.

A good indicator that you are heading in the right direction is that the more systems and processes you create, the easier and less time the business should require of you. If this is not the case, then an error has been produced within your system and it is now dependent on you. This is why we begin the intensive with a strong focus on optimisation so that we can create time for us to continually work together.

Can I do a one-off consultation?

Due to the nature of our proprietary methods, we are unable to do a one-off consultation. This is because we require all of our clients to have a fundamental understanding of how we develop systems, protocols, processes, procedures, and quality control triggers. All of this is achieved in the first few hours of working with us inside the intensive. 

Therefore, for us to do a one-off consultation, there will be a large separation between what we can share and what you will be able to implement. We also do not like simply “talking.” This is why we include the hands-on calls for every client who is invested into the program. All clients within the program receive hands-on calls, where we answer questions and work together, hands-on, to solve problems. 

My business is new; should I wait before doing a program like this?

The sooner you can start building systems for your business, the more organised the business will grow. While we have helped businesses of all shapes and sizes (from zero staff to 200 staff) we ideally want to catch system problems early before they get out of hand. Therefore, if your business is new, you can begin to grow the business the right way, knowing how systems should be built rather than coming back to us in 12 months' time with what can resemble a tangled mess. With that being said, we do welcome all tangled messes as well =) – No business is unfixable in the world of systems.

"System related" questions:

I’ve tried system building before, what makes this difference?

Many business owners mistake a video and or a checklist as a “system”. This is not a system, they are parts of a system but they are not systems on their own. Inside the intensive we teach the sciene and art of building business systems in any industry. 

A test of any system is, does your team have questions? And is the result correct? If you have to interfefe with your teams work or your team needs to speak to you (the person who made the system) there this an indication that your input is filling in blanks inside the system.

To correct this we suggest deploying our perfect process method which can be found within our intrensive.

I've already got existing business systems. Do I need to rebuild them all?

Not necessarily. If the systems are producing the correct outcome that you would expect on a schedule that you require to the frequency that you require them at, then no. However, if you are unhappy with your systems, then we can improve them. We can optimise them or we can build them from scratch. Thankfully, our approach to developing systems only takes minutes rather than hours or days. This is why you can legitimately systemise your entire organisation in weeks, not years. Using our proprietary methods for developing business systems, we will rank, sort, score, and develop the highest-returning business systems first so that the excess time saving and resource saving can then be invested into more complex systems.

I've never built systems before.

An existing knowledge of systems is not required. We pride ourselves on teaching the skill and the art of developing systems and processes—so much so that it is our job to make ourselves irrelevant because you will become a strong competent systems engineer that can programme any company and any team to act out a certain result.

How can I get my team onboard?

In order to get your team on board in using systems and processes, you yourself need to get on board in using systems and processes. This is why the Dream Team Intensive is designed for the CEO, the company founder, and the team leader or manager. Alongside that, during the training we have multiple protocols that allow your team to get on board and begin developing a systems-driven mindset to ensure that the work you complete inside the program using our help is actually implemented throughout your whole team and organisation.

Where can I see examples of your work?

You'll be able to see a full demonstration of the Dream Team Intensive—what is included, how the calls operate, the templates, the tools, the outlines—through our demonstration page here: or the program overview page here:

I don’t have time to build systems, but I want my team to build them for me.

Fantastic! We do cover how to develop a system for your team to build their own systems or systems for you inside the fourth module of the program. It is however important that you still maintain a fundamental knowledge of system building and how to improve systems. This will ensure that you are leading your team to the correct objective and that you can measure their success correctly. We have a step-by-step process for handing over the process-creation duty over to your team. You could also have your team lead or manager complete the Dream Team Intensive on behalf of your business if they will be building majority of your business systems.

How do you optmise my business?

We focus on the friction points within the business. These can be both in delays or in over bloating areas of the business. Ideally we want to optmise the entire business from the top down starting with the owner (our client), the team members and then finally the businesses. We have a large step by step process for each department and manager to work through in order to document blocks, release bottle necks and improve the overall efficiency of the organisation so that it can achieve more with less within the first 3 weeks of the intensive.

I see your system also include prospecting. Do I have to cold-call and cold-email people all day?

No—we are going to train you on how to leverage systems to generate prospects. In the beginning, you will do some prospecting activities yourself so you can master it and train your future team members on how to do it successfully. We complete this on Instagram, LinkedIn, Business Listings, YouTube, Online Forums, Twitter, Cold Email, Reddit, and community groups. This process should take between 8 and 12 days. From there, we will show you how to hire, train, and manage a team member to generate qualified inbound appointments. The typical response rate is between 4 to 9 booked sales calls daily.

I am not/not very organised.

Organisation is not required to work with us inside the intensive. The entire programme is a step-by-step process that is customised to your specific situation. This removes the guesswork and required organisation skills you would usually have to acquire before seeing results.

"Team related" questions:

Can I put my team through this program?

Of course, we suggest it. If you want to have your team optmise themeleves, develop their own processes or improve their existing workflow – we have the step by step training and templates to achieve that. The intensive is also great for team leads and managers, not just the owners. The more members of a business that are onboard with the intensive, the wider the effect will be felt. However it is not required to put your team through this program, generally the owner / owners and or in some cases certain team members who are impactful to the companies systems goals.

Does this work with inhouse teams or virtual teams?

Both. From a systems, hiring and team training aspect our methods have been proven to work across the board with all teams. We showcase how to hire and manage in house team members and virtual team members. Along with the systems and processes that each different team should be following

How can you help me find good staff?

Inside multiple lessons, you’ll learn the step-by-step process to find and attract good staff. We cover every step of the journey, including hiring protocols, onboarding training slide templates, project management setup, job ad templates, screening triggers, and system outlines for all roles. When you combine each of these elements, you’ll be able to locate and find quality staff in a matter of days, not months.

I have a fear of hiring people.

Hiring people can be scary; however, when you take a systemised approach to it that uses calculations, numbers, and actual real-world testing, it removes all the guesswork from the hiring journey. This is why we cover hiring inside the program and provide you with not only the entire suite of job ad templates, hiring processes, and screening protocols but also the systems to onboard any new hires successfully, regardless of what industry you’re in.

How many team members do I need to benefit from your program?

You do not need any team members to benefit from working with us. We have worked with hundreds of freelancers, solo business owners, and small teams—along with companies that have a staff of 20 to 50 and even 200 employees who are working with billion-dollar companies. The reason behind this is because of our relentless focus and attention to detail in learning the skill and the art of developing processes. That skill applies to the freelancer, to the one-man band, all the way to the global corporate organisation. If you need assistance in hiring, onboarding, training your team, and developing processes for that team, then of course the Dream Team Intensive can help you with those objectives.

Do I need to have an existing team already?

No. Some clients begin as a “one-man band” with a desire to build a team and build it on systems first. Therefore, learning the skills and acquiring the templates, process documents, and team protocols before you have a team in place can prevent a lot of headache down the road. If you already have a team, our methods will work for your existing team and any new hires you bring on board.

I don’t know how to hire the right people for my systems.

We cover world-class hiring tactics and processes inside the Dream Team Intensive. These tactics will be associated to the systems that you create inside the intensive. This will ensure that we are hiring the right people with the right skill set for the right system. All of this is generated through calculations and process mapping, which is covered in the initial stages of the program. If you follow the steps correctly, you will be able to build your dream team in weeks, not months.

Do you teach virtual staff hiring or in house staff hiring?

We cover both. If you need offshore staff we have a step by step process for finding, negotiating, screening, building security prorocls and managing this team member every day. If you need in house team members, we have the exact same p[rocess and also include how to onboard them successfully into your project management systems and your business.

I've hired people from Fiverr before. How is this different?

We typically don’t suggest Fiverr for long-term contracts or even part-time staff. Inside our hiring module, we cover the step-by-step process to find good staff, screen them (without using interviews), and onboard them into your systems in a single day if you so choose. If you follow our process within the intensive, you’ll also end up paying less for top-tier talent by hiring for scale.

I am not a good manager.

Being a good manager is a requirement for running a good, strong predictable team. This is why our program has been leveraged by top-tier management companies to train their managers. Our program showcases the systems that managers should follow when addressing conflict, ideas, problems, schedules, people, and systems. We can turn you, or anyone on your team, into an A-level manager with absolute predictability.

Trusted by 'well rested low stressed' business owners.

Join 500+ business owners across 66 different industries who are achieving more with less.

Review Score 4.7/5

The results speak for themselves:

600+ businesses:

Successfully building systems and achieving more while doing less.

1,000+ new hires:

Our clients have built their Dream Teams both in-house and off-shore.

14+ exits:

Our clients have built systems to exit and/or move onto greater projects.

Industries we’ve helped:

Accounting, Hospitality, Marketing, Renovation, Agencies, Wholesale, Interior Design, Coaching, Consultants, Signage, Real Estate, Counseling, Dog Walking, Credit, Alcohol, Telecommunication, Fitness, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Immigration, Automotive, Childhood Centres, Cosmetic Skincare, Education, Legal Services, AirBnb Management, Media Buying, Fashion, Construction, Health Care, Publishing, Food Safety, Organisation, Electrical, Recruiting, Windows / Glazing, Tax Consultancy, Lead Generation, Plumbing, Self-Storage, Brokerage, Property Management, Parkour, Commercial Fuel, Branding Agency, Therapy, Auctions, Hotels, Wealth Management, Web Design, Packaging, Flooring, Mentoring, Investing, Retial, Painting, Roofing, Weddings, Auto Repair Service, Pool Maintenance, Live Events, Orthotics, Security, Software, Language Learning, Community Groups, and Public Relations

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