Meet Karla:

A case study on avoiding red flag hires

Meet Karla - she runs a great business targeting seasoned developers, liquidators / receivers and real estate agents..

Karla helps developers to obtain greater certainty for project milestones regarding sales volume.

She assists with the entire process with her clients from pricing, to distribution strategy, agent management and sales. She also works with agents directly to supply them with salable stock with secured commissions. Karla is fantastic at what she does in her results speak for themselves.

What she struggles with is work flow automation, hiring correctly and role responsibility within her organization.

Let's break it down.

Who? Karla

Problem: Lack of work flow automation, role responsibility and bad hires.

Solution: Join our Dream Team Intensive (our hands-on consulting program that shows you how to build “operating systems” to scale your business, create time, increase profits, remove errors, and work Less.)

Did it work? It worked great. Karla is thrilled with the light at the end of the entrepreneurial tunnel via the answers we provide through our process documents.

Karla sent me the following message:

Here's what I can tell you about Karla.

She asks for constant feedback, so she can rapidly improve her execution of the building systems to replace her. She pays attention to the details by using the templates within the program.

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The results speak for themselves:

600+ businesses:

Successfully building systems and achieving more while doing less.

1,000+ new hires:

Our clients have built their Dream Teams both in-house and off-shore.

14+ exits:

Our clients have built systems to exit and/or move onto greater projects.

Industries we’ve helped:

Accounting, Hospitality, Marketing, Renovation, Agencies, Wholesale, Interior Design, Coaching, Consultants, Signage, Real Estate, Counseling, Dog Walking, Credit, Alcohol, Telecommunication, Fitness, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Immigration, Automotive, Childhood Centres, Cosmetic Skincare, Education, Legal Services, AirBnb Management, Media Buying, Fashion, Construction, Health Care, Publishing, Food Safety, Organisation, Electrical, Recruiting, Windows / Glazing, Tax Consultancy, Lead Generation, Plumbing, Self-Storage, Brokerage, Property Management, Parkour, Commercial Fuel, Branding Agency, Therapy, Auctions, Hotels, Wealth Management, Web Design, Packaging, Flooring, Mentoring, Investing, Retial, Painting, Roofing, Weddings, Auto Repair Service, Pool Maintenance, Live Events, Orthotics, Security, Software, Language Learning, Community Groups, and Public Relations

Free case study reveals...

How To Build “Operating Systems” To Scale Your Business, Create Time, Increase Profits, Remove errors, and Work Less.