Meet Tintti:

A case study on optimising the team.

Meet Tintti - he owns a next-generation accounting firm that helps small business owners make their businesses simple and sustainable.

Tintti helps small business owners with paperwork and administration, freeing up their time to focus on their core business and work on their long-term goals.

What he didn't know was how to build a team that could work more independently and how to free up his time so he can work on his long-term goals for the business.

Let's break it down:

Who? Tintti

Problem: Tintti worked too much on the "production" side of business, which ate into the time he could spend developing the team and the business brand, and its long-term goals.

Solution: Join our Dream Team Intensive (our hands-on consulting program that shows you how to build “operating systems” to scale your business, create time, increase profits, remove errors, and work Less.)

Did it work? It did. Tintti has taken the first step to getting his team onboard the optimisation process by conducting a workshop day on how to Capture Time, Adding Friction, and Batching Our Working Week, which everyone learned from and enjoyed thoroughly - as you will see in the feedback Tintti sent.

Here's the rundown on Tintti's dilemma:

Tintti ran a business that helps clients simplify their business, but was himself unable to find a system that could streamline his own production process. This resulted in a lot of lost productivity hours, with Tintti spending majority of his time putting out mini fires and answering his team members' calls for help daily.

Working with me and other business owners in the Dream Team Intensive empowered Tintti to implement “operating systems” to scale his business, create time, increase profits, remove errors, and work less.

With this well-oiled machine in place, he is now well on his way to achieving his goal of taking 90 days off from his business each year.

Meet Dave (building lasting solutions)
Meet Chelsea (focus time)
Meet Cat (production line systems overview)

The results speak for themselves:

600+ businesses:

Successfully building systems and achieving more while doing less.

1,000+ new hires:

Our clients have built their Dream Teams both in-house and off-shore.

14+ exits:

Our clients have built systems to exit and/or move onto greater projects.

Industries we’ve helped:

Accounting, Hospitality, Marketing, Renovation, Agencies, Wholesale, Interior Design, Coaching, Consultants, Signage, Real Estate, Counseling, Dog Walking, Credit, Alcohol, Telecommunication, Fitness, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Immigration, Automotive, Childhood Centres, Cosmetic Skincare, Education, Legal Services, AirBnb Management, Media Buying, Fashion, Construction, Health Care, Publishing, Food Safety, Organisation, Electrical, Recruiting, Windows / Glazing, Tax Consultancy, Lead Generation, Plumbing, Self-Storage, Brokerage, Property Management, Parkour, Commercial Fuel, Branding Agency, Therapy, Auctions, Hotels, Wealth Management, Web Design, Packaging, Flooring, Mentoring, Investing, Retial, Painting, Roofing, Weddings, Auto Repair Service, Pool Maintenance, Live Events, Orthotics, Security, Software, Language Learning, Community Groups, and Public Relations

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How To Build “Operating Systems” To Scale Your Business, Create Time, Increase Profits, Remove errors, and Work Less.