"To remove the fear of outsourcing anything linked around digital marketing, if it is working within your click funnels account or working within your client’s click funnels account, what you want to do is be detailed in how you process that out." - Jamie Stenhouse

Digital Marketers Beware: 4 Secrets To Outsourcing Your Funnel Work

We live in a fantastic time of agency and client work. Where the computers and internet that we have currently have ensure that a lot of the tasks we do can be duplicated and can be automated.

However, I’m consistently running into conversations with digital marketers and entrepreneurs who find it tricky to outsource their marketing funnels or their clients’ marketing funnels.

In this article, I want to explain just four secrets of how to outsource your funnel work, if it is for yourself or your clients, and how we do it at Market Titans Agency.

The way that we do it at my agency is the same process that we teach to our clients within the Dream Team Intensive Programme. All of these clients are learning how to outsource their marketing, how to automate their funnel design and really how to grow as a digital marketer and as an entrepreneur who can scale and who can outsource quickly and effortlessly without requiring to redo the work.

So the first point I want to touch on is that it’s usually more straightforward than you think to outsource any task.

Including marketing funnels and funnel design. If you think about the age that we live in and the work that we are doing for ourselves or our clients, it’s straightforward to copy.

All that we need someone to do is to come in, press the same keystrokes that we did in the right order, hover over the right elements using their cursor, click here, drag this, press this, and someone can do the same work that we do.

There are no prerequisites to height or skillset or the language or the weight or the size or physical endurance of the person. Nothing like that. We’re not in the olden days whereby if you needed to work on a block of land to plough the ground then you had to have that skillset. You had to be okay with doing heavy work, have to have that endurance, maybe be quite broad in the upper body.

However, because the work we’re doing is on computers and laptops, it’s straightforward for someone to copy the same keystrokes, click on the same items, use a cursor the same way that we’re doing it to get the same result. All that someone needs to do to build your marketing funnel or do it for your clients or duplicate it for your clients is copy you.

This requires a self-awareness to know what you’re doing, knowing what your inputs are for your outputs.

Why are you clicking there?

How are you putting that header in?

Why do you drag that over there?

It’s straightforward once you’re self-aware and once you create a process around that self-awareness to make that happen.

The next secret I want to touch on is that it is cheaper than you think.

Because a lot of this can be processed using pure self-awareness and because you can hire anyone to build marketing funnels these days because a lot of the programs allow for drag and drop, allow for elements to be connected quicker and quicker you don’t need to hire an expert for $40 per hour.

All of our marketing experts for our agency, which we have generated clients online using marketing funnels across over 100 different industries. All of our marketing experts are paid between $4 and $10 per hour which allows us to hire a lot of them.

Will enable us to scale our agency very quickly. We can output the same quality as an expert because we’ve taken the time to be self-aware. To design a process that allows anyone to hop in to create a high converting marketing funnel that gets results for our clients and us.

So it usually is a lot cheaper than you think. Do not merely jump towards an expert who promises the world unless you want to work with them. Unless you don’t have time to think about how to design a process. If you don’t have time to think about it, then that is a clear indicator that it is time to begin outsourcing.

The next secret is that yes, it will be scary to get started outsourcing your marketing funnels.

The reason it will be scary is that you’re relinquishing control the very first time.

You’re not sure if they’re going to get the landing page copyright. Maybe they used the wrong colour or the wrong template. These are some slight teething problems that are usually a result of your process not being clear enough.

To remove the fear of outsourcing anything linked around digital marketing, if it is working within your click funnels account or working within your client’s click funnels account, what you want to do is be detailed in how you process that out.

The more detail there is in a process for someone to come in and create your marketing funnel for you, the less fear you will feel.

The reason you might feel fear around outsourcing or you might have trust issues around outsourcing is that you are leaving too much room for assumption. To remove the additional assumption that might come up, remove any creative input that you can from the process, from the design, and outsource from that point of view. Outsource in details rather than projects.

The last secret I want to touch on for outsourcing your digital marketing and funnel design is that this will test your product idea.

So if you are an agency or if you are a digital marketer who is trying to sell click funnel campaigns or a marketing funnel to your clients, what it is going to do is it will test your product idea.

For example, at my agency, we sell two marketing funnels that are unique to us. We created them from the ground up. You can’t purchase them anywhere else.

They are created using our templates, our page templates, our copy templates, our entire process has been templated. This ensures it’s easy for us to outsource. It ensures that the clients get quick results, and because we’ve designed it in a way that allows it to be outsourced using templates, using our intellectual property, our product can be outsourced very easily.

So if you’re trying to outsource a marketing funnel and it’s not working, maybe the product that you think you’ve created isn’t a product, but it’s something that’s still customizable.

A product, if you want to scale and grow, should not be customizable. It should be the same product from client to client, or from industry to industry. Moreover, yes, that does sound like it usually won’t work.

However, when you create a product from the angle of, “This has to work in any industry,” as we have for my agency, you can create a groundbreaking product that can be outsourced quickly and easily. So when you begin outsourcing your digital marketing and your funnel work for either yourself or your clients, yes, it will test your product idea. It will check to see if it can be duplicated if it can be scaled, and if it does work in any industry, and if anyone else can design that for you as well.

Those are the four secrets to be aware of when you begin to outsource your funnel work if it is for your clients or yourself. It’s easier than you think, someone has to copy what it is that you do in the right order.

  1. It’s cheaper than you think.
  2. Take the time to design the task within the project, do not just go ahead and hire an expert because you don’t have time.
  3. Yes, it’s going to be scary to begin outsourcing this. However, you can remove the fear by putting more time and attention into the details.
  4. Moreover, yes, outsourcing will test your product idea as to can it even be outsourced, or is it too customizable whereby now you don’t have a product, you have a glorified customised product that changes from client to client.

Happy outsourcing.

Jamie Stenhouse

Founder at Production Line Agency

Jamie Stenhouse

Starting in 2009, his early success as an online marketer led him to generate customers online in over 150+ different industries around the world for his clients.

After running and selling multiple agencies and companies, he is now the creator of the "Dream Team Intensive" – A unique methodology that help digital marketers to productise their agency through systems and teams.

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